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The three factors which pushing Goa towards a massive massacre

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Goa is dying! Some days before, extraordinary visuals have been seen in Goa. At night more than3000 people came together to sit at a Railway line. What is happening in Goa?

According to the report 3 projects are planned in Goa. The selected areas are ecologically sensitive where the total felled will be between 35000 to 80000. They’re only cutting down trees. Some reductions have to be made for development. If you also think this fight is between development and nature, this blog will change your mind. Because this is not just about the environment, this is about the future of India. 

The first factor

The projects are recently happening in Goa.

Project 1

  • Double tracking an existing railway line
  • Four linings of the existing NH 4A
  • Laying 400 KV transmission line 

Mollum National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary are in danger. Indian activists oppose plans to make Goa a coal transport hub. 


Second factor

Environmental damage

The Dudhsagar waterfall is a very famous attraction of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. It is the concept of forest fragmentation. When you divide a forest into smaller fragments or parts, it increases the number of edges where forests are exposed—many species live deep in the forests and not in the fringes. So many cants survive in these fragmented edges. This fragmentation impacts the entire forest ecosystem.

Third factor

How many people will give up their life? States temperature may rise by 20 degrees by 2050, and thus Goa could soon see significant flooding. That is why we should take measures to save Goa. 

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