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twenty fifth anniversary of Open Mosque Day


Cologne/Münster (dpa) – This yr is the twenty fifth time that mosque communities throughout Germany are inviting folks to the occasion. And they’ve intentionally chosen to take action on 3 October, German Unity Day, as an indication of solidarity and belonging. However, the issues can’t be ignored even 1 / 4 of a century after the initiative was launched. Anti-Muslim and racist tones have grow to be so loud that they’re unimaginable to not hear, says Aiman Mazyek, chairman of the Central Council of Muslims (ZDM). “We Muslims are really bearing the brunt of this.”

Open Mosque Day was initiated in 1997 on the suggestion of the ZMD. “The concept of openly answering all questions and eliminating prejudices as far as possible has worked both ways – for the mosque communities as well as for the visitors,” Mazyek sums up. However: “It is certainly no picnic. Some people come with very entrenched ideas and prejudices. This can make for some very exhausting discussions. However, we also see movement time and again, and that is encouraging.” Around 5.5 million Muslims stay in Germany.

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