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Why we use python for web development.

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Django is a Framework, created in the Python programming language. this framework is used for creating a dynamic website. we can also create a website with the help of PHP and WordPress is also the best combination of PHP and MySQL then why we use python.

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when we create the web application with the help of PHP we cannot create the big software, because PHP has some limitations and they use some Limited libraries.

so we have to write extra code. and the file system of the PHP is very Messy if we create very big software. suppose we want to create a web application for school  in PHP then we have to create across 500-600 files, and we have to use a lot of JavaScript and a lot of libraries, and if the library is not available, then we have to write a lot of code. mail sent by the PHP is very difficult as compared to python.

because python provides the library for this, so you can customize this very easy for sending the mail by email or another third party, PHP does not follow the migration system for database, so if your database has crashed then we cannot migrate.

but when we use the Python programming language we have an option to make migration and migrate, so that’s why we use the Python programming language for web development, so  here are the important point for PHP versus Python programming language, so you decide that very easy which programming language is good for you for creative web application development



# PHP Python(Django)
1 we have to start from basic, we don’t need to start from scratch, we have to run the command and get the standard file structure
2 We have to create a lot of files in one folder and one location and it is very Messy to manage that. they provide a good file structure and when we create the model we create a separate app(Folder) for every each model
3 they don’t provide the inheritance for manage the HTML template. they provide the template inheritance so we can manage the template very easy way
4 they don’t provide the environment for every project so if any file is updated then all system is might be confusing and the system may be crash they provide the environment for every project and all requirement file for this project is available in this environment to add the library is updated in the future then not disturb my oldest project
5 we can’t create a very big web application in PHP we can create a big web application in Python.


So that’s why we want to give you the advice that if you want to create a web application please start with the Python programming language.

if you feel any kind of problem to develop a web application in Python programming language. 



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